Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Sydney Grace

I know this is two days late, but I would love to let everyone know how special Sydney Grace's 1st birthday was. In the weeks leading up to January 7th, I was not sure how I was going to react on her birthday. I really thought I would be very depressed and sad on her day. Actually, I was feeling that way for the past two weeks. Surprisingly, I thought January 7th was a pretty good day. We all focused on how wonderful the day of her birth actually was. It was a day that was supposed be a terrible day. Instead it was a day of miracles. It was the best day of me life for sure!

Joel and I decided we would have all our family over for a dinner to celebrate Sydney Grace's birthday. It was really nice having everyone over. We even had some special guests. The two nurses that delivered Sydney Grace, Bobbi and Marg, along with their daughters came for a visit. They gave me an awesome gift that Marg's daughter drew by hand. It is a picture of an angel holding an angel baby. It is beautiful. It has an inscription that says.."I have a feeling there's one more star up in the sky tonight... And even though it's far away, its brightness and warmth still reach us and make the night a little less dark." Here is a photo of the picture and of my two fabulous nurses and the artist.

At the end of our family dinner, Rafe blew out one candle on Sydney's cake in honor and memory of her. I thought it would nice for Rafe to be able to take part in the celebration of Sydney Grace's life. We also had a balloon release in honor of Sydney's first birthday. My original plan was to attach a card that had a note from everyone written to Sydney. Unfortunately, it was too heavy for the balloon to lift off the ground. On a positive note, I will now have this as one more thing to show how much we all love and miss Sydney Grace. I am know reliving those twenty days we had with her. I can almost remember something that happened on everyone of those days. I have to say I am not looking forward to the 27th, but hopefully it will bring some comfort in knowing Sydney Grace is better off than those of us left behind. She is in the arms of our creator, no other place better.

Here are two videos from our dinner on Sydney Grace's birthday.

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  1. Lindsey,
    I was sent to your blog a while ago from our mutual friend, Aly Dart. Our baby boy was diagnosed with T18 at 14 weeks gestation. I am now 27 weeks along and I want you to know how much comfort your blog about sweet Syndey Grace has given our family. My husband and I have each read your entire blog and although my heart breaks to see another family go through what we are faced with, I am in awe of your strength, courage and faith as you have gone throughout your journey with your angel, Sydney. When my heart seems to heavy to go on, I think of the moments you had with Sydney and it gives me hope that I may get the same. Happy Birthday to your wonderful miracle, Sydney Grace. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Ashley Miller