Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday, Rafe!

Rafe's birthday is tomorrow. He will turn four years old. Today we had a wonderful birthday party for him. He was able to invite all his friends. We had a bouncy house, cotton candy machine, icee machine, easter egg hunt and more. It was a beautiful day. The weather was spectacular.

Joel and I have been blessed to have two wonderful children. As I tell Rafe, we have two angels. One in heaven and one on earth. Rafe has been such a blessing to our family. He, like the rest of our family, has had a pretty rough 8 months. We wanted to give Rafe a party that he would remember forever. I know he had a great day. He was so tired that he fell asleep by 8 tonight. Here is a picture of him sleeping after a long day.

I decided to make a video in honor of Rafe's first four years. It is set to the song "My Wish." I pray that Rafe will have a wonderful life. He has already experienced such heart ache at a very early age. I will never forget the day that he told be that he felt bad. After questioning where he hurt, he replied, "my heart, because I miss Sydney Grace."

I hope you enjoy this slideshow as much as Rafe does. He loves watching himself as he gets older. I plan on adding photos and videos of Rafe's birthday soon. I just need the usb cable from Joel's work.


  1. Lindsey...Last night was the first of me really meeting Rafe...He is such a sweet and precious boy...I have been overly emotional this past week so need less to say when I watched this slide show I had tears rolling down my face...Allen looked over and saw the tears and just smiled...he didn't even know why but he knows me...Getting back to the point you have been blessed in so many ways and I know that you know that...I have been blessed to have known you and yours...Happy Birthday Rafe Fodrie...hope each day gets easier...Your one day closer to seeing your sweet Sydney Grace again...

  2. What a wonderful party you had today to honor a wonderful little boy. The pictures are precious. Love you!

  3. Your precious Sydney Grace looked so much like her big brother Rafe..Happy Birthday little fellow!!!

  4. Handsome boy and an awesome party!

  5. Very sweet slide show! I'm sure he will treasure it someday.