Thursday, January 14, 2010

Last Night

Sydney Grace had a very bad night. She is having many apnea episodes and struggling for every breath. This is obviously agonizing for her family. Please continue to pray for her to stop suffering.


  1. Hilary, thank you for keeping us updated.
    Please continue to update as you know.

    Steadfast prayers being sent.

  2. We continue to pray for Sydney Grace and the family. Never forget that God's wisdom and timing is perfect. This blessed child has touched more lives in 7 days than most of us will touch in a lifetime. She and the family have been a great witness for Christ.

  3. I'm keeping this precious website up on my desk at work today. Will continue to check in throughout the day. As a mom of a T18 angel, I can relate to your struggle. Bless you and know that I am praying.

  4. I'm still praying for comfort for Sydney and her parents.