Sunday, January 10, 2010

Latest on Sydney

Not much has changed with Sydney Grace, she is still doing great! In about 7 hours she will be 4 days old! Please continue to pray for her feedings and for Lindsey's blood pressure. Pray for rest for the entire family. Anyone who has spent a night in the hospital knows how little sleep you get. God is doing great works in and through Sydney Grace!!!

I've also added to the Prayer Warrior slide show. It is amazing to me how many people from all over the country and world are praying for little Sydney. THANK YOU!!


  1. We have added your beautiful daughter and your family to our list for prayers. May she be a beacon to shine light on a world filled with despair.

    Prayers that she will spend days too many to count....

  2. It is Amazing how so different we are but in a time of need all is put aside to come togeher..Praise the Lord for Sydney Grace.. The little girl we have all come to love..