Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not doing well

Sydney has not had a good night. She has had several bad "episodes" today, but tonight was the worst. Please continue to pray for Sydney not to suffer. This is just horrible.

Apologies for not getting the prayer warrior slideshow updated, promise to do it tomorrow.



  1. Still praying for God's will for Sydney Grace and for comfort for Lindsey, Joel, Rafe and the entire family. I hope the words of this song bring you comfort as well.
    A Greater Yes
    You never pray a prayer your Father will not answer
    He can't ignore His child's earnest request
    While you're waiting and believing for what you thought was best
    Trust God if he says, "No"'re still blessed
    There must be A GREATER YES
    There comes a time when child-like faith
    Must graduate to trust
    Trials come and you're convinced you're on your own.
    But the Teacher's often silent during the hardest test.
    But He'll answer when it's time....with what is best.

    I love each of you and continue to pray. God bless you.

  2. Still praying, thanks for the update...

  3. Praying for peace, praying for no more suffering..... Praying for you all

    Praying for little Sydney Grace, what a special girl.

  4. God Bless and keep her warm. A true angel brought for us to see and know. Our prayers are with you all

  5. Praying for Sydney and her family. Jesus will not let her suffer. God, wrap your arms around this family and precious baby, let them feel your love and give them strength.

  6. We're still praying for Miss Sydney. I even have my family praying for her and her family.

  7. our hearts are breaking for you and you family...we will continue to pray!

  8. i'm sorry to hear about ur daughter and me and my family will be prayin 4 ur daughter and i hope and by MY faith i beleive that all will be well with our daughter and i'll have my church lift ur daughter and in jesus name be healed and she shall live and declare the works of the lord .. just remember that jesuss finger prints are on this child .....