Thursday, January 28, 2010

Potential Gone

Potential Gone

The future that I thought was bright,
now all looks dark without your light.
Potential gone; I cannot see
a future now for you, or me.

And yet; although your time was short,
and you didn't have the life you ought,
you brought me joy beyond compare
to counter now my dark despair.

You brought me hope for nine months long.
You placed within my heart a song.
A longer life was not to be.
So now, with prayers we set you free.

O God, please take this little life,
that won't now see a world of strife.
Surround your child with all your love,
and take her to your home above.

Dick Underwood 2008


  1. What a beautiful poem with such powerful words. We still continue to pray for Sydney's family for peace and strength during this difficult time.

  2. I pray you are comforted by the impact that someone so precious and small could impact this world!

  3. What a beautiful little girl! It just brings tears to my eyes to see this precious angel. Seven years ago I was standing where you are. However, I gave birth to a stillborn baby, Rebecca Faith. It was hard for me then but I cannot even begin to imagine what it's like to have them for 20 days and then no longer have them! In the midst of your sorrow may you be comforted that although you don't understand what God is doing God will use you to help someone else going through the same thing. Sydney is no longer in pain and she is resting in the arms of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. If I can help you in any way/more information you can reach me at I will be praying for you and your family during this difficult time.

  4. Thanks for sharing that lovely poem!

  5. Thank you baby Sydney for your inspiration! I work in a clinic treating sleep apnea and I am Also a mother of 2 toddlers. You have inspired me to get the credentials needed to help infants with apnea and to also have more patience as a mother. I too lost a baby at 5 days old. Hwer name was Heidi Lynn Terry. So Sydney, if you meet a little blond girl named Heidi, she is mind and she will show you around and you girls can be friends! ANd Lindsay, I know your pain but keep your heart and eyes open. My heidi has let me know from heaven that she is happy and healthy now so look for her spirit around you. She will be there! Praying for you to find peace in the days to come. Go ahead cry, because your heart has been literally broken. I could feel the pain as if someone tore my heart out. I love your poem, I wrote one that was eerily similar. Keep the faith and love! Love always, Angie Terry, RPSGT