Friday, March 5, 2010

Aly's Photos

This week has been interesting. Getting back to work has been great. I LOVE my school. My coworkers are great. They are so supportive. The students are wonderful. They have been so good. They are amazing kids. With school being so good, it is weird to say that this has been one of my hardest weeks since losing Sydney Grace. I have cried more this week than in the past couple of weeks. I am really missing her.

Yesterday I got a treat. Aly came over to my house to share all the photos she took of Sydney. ALMOST 3000! I loved looking at them. Now I have to decide what pictures to buy. There are so many, I don't know how I will ever be able to make a decision.

Speaking of Aly, I finally got the slide show she made for Sydney Grace's wake on youtube. They are also on the sidebar under "Videos." Remember to turn off the music on my playlist at the bottom of the blog before you watch the videos on the side bar.

Here are the links to the slide show. They are in two parts.

Tribute to Sydney Grace part 1 of 2

Tribute to Sydney Grace part 2 of 2


  1. breathe taking, and priceless are the only words i can think of to describe these videos, and even that doesn't fit. so beautiful thanks for sharing. you and your family are still in our prayers!

  2. This past week has been hard for me too. I've had Johanna on my mind a lot. I miss her. I'm praying for you guys. Much love!