Monday, March 15, 2010

Ordinary Miracle

I heard the song "Ordinary Miracle" the other day. I instantly thought about Sydney Grace and the miracle that she was. On her first day, we counted the minutes then the hours that she was still with us. We knew that when she survived that first day that she was a miracle.

I decided to make a slideshow of just Sydney Grace's first day set to this song. I hope you enjoy. (Please remember to turn off the music at the bottom of the blog before you watch the video.)

Photography by Aly Dart.


  1. That's perfect, Lindsey! I will never forget how that first day felt. There was so much happiness, even though everyone knew what was going to eventually happen. It was amazingly ordinary in so many ways, but still amazingly miraculous.

  2. That is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your Sydney's first day with us. She truly is a miracle.

  3. What a miracle. I will never forget that day. I couldn't sleep at all the night before, because I expected the next day to be so full of heartache and loss. What an amazing surprise to be able to rejoice and praise God instead. Miracle is truly the only word that can be used to describe this sweet precious baby girl.

  4. Absolutely beautiful; Thank you for sharing!