Friday, March 12, 2010

Better Week

I have had a better week. Last week was my first week back at work. The teachers and students were wonderful, but I was having a hard time moving on and starting a new chapter after Sydney Grace. This week I think I have come to terms with my new reality. I still have moments that it hits me like a ton of bricks that Sydney Grace is gone. Just this afternoon I was pumping gas, and I almost starting crying. Who knows why? Nothing had happened. No one had said anything, but Sydney Grace popped in my mind and I so desperately wanted her.

Part of my good week was being able to take Rafe to see the high school musical of Willy Wonka. Rafe absolutely LOVES this movie. He was so excited seeing all the characters. There were little kids who played squirrels. He is now saying he wants to be in the play next year. Those of you who knows Rafe, knows that he loves to act. He will act out entire scenes from movies, word for word. He has always been like this. Of course, I am his mother and biased, but I really think he is very talented. I know, I know! All mothers probably think the same thing about their kids.

We are actually in Wilmington tonight. Joel has a conference down here, so Rafe and I drove down after school today. Rafe is so excited because he got to go swimming with his daddy in the pool. That is definitely their favorite thing to do when we stay at a hotel. Tomorrow we are going to probably see the USS North Carolina. I hope Rafe likes it.

Finally, thanks to everyone who has bought raffle tickets for the computer. We are raising lots of money for the hospital.


  1. So glad that you are having a better week. Things will slowly get back to normal and Sydney's memory will live in your minds and hearts all of your days. Just remember that just because things get back to some type of normalcy that does not mean that you do any dis-service to Sydney. She wants you to live and live well. She certainly is. Can you imagine how she must feel being right there in the arms of Christ, actually being able to feel his touch. We talk about a spiritual touch of Christ and Him holding us, but she is really feeling it. I know how it feels to get that Spiritual touch from Him, and how awesome it is, I can't imagine how it must feel in a physical sense as well. Anyway, I started going on..., you keep on doing the ordinary and extraordinary for Rafe and you and Joel and Sydney. You are still such an inspiration. Your ministry will be a powerful testimony to Him.

  2. The USS North Carolina is absolutely fantastic. I'm sure he will love it. I'm so thankful your week was much better. It's a hard new reality but it's doable. And worth all the difficulty because you are Sydney's Mom. God chose you to be her Mom and that makes you extra special.